Tired of Taking Cold Showers?

Tired of Taking Cold Showers?

Choose Patrick CPRB Plumbing for water heater repair & Replacement in Ashburnham, MA

Don’t panic if your water heater kicked the bucket. Patrick CPRB Plumbing offers water heater repair and replacement services in the Ashburnham, MA area. Call us out to inspect your malfunctioning water heater, and we’ll let you know if it needs to be repaired or replaced. If it can be repaired, we’ll fix it the spot. If it’s beyond repair, we’ll order a water heater that will heat your water efficiently for years to come. A new water heater will provide consistent hot water and reduce your utility bills.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about our water heater replacement services. We’ll repair or replace your water heater in a jiffy so you can start taking hot showers again.

When should you replace your water heater?

Patrick CPRB Plumbing in Ashburnham, MA specializes in water heater repair and replacement.

You should replace your water heater if it’s:

  • More than 10 years old
  • Producing rusty or smelly water
  • Unusually noisy
  • Failing to heat water efficiently
  • Leaking

Call 978-602-6815 today to arrange for professional water heater replacement services.